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Marathonisi Island

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Marathonisi the "Pearl" of Zakynthos

A real “pearl” for Zakynthos, which every year attracts hundreds of thousands who are amazed by its crystal clear waters and its extremely rare morphology, as looking at it from the area of ​​Keri, one can easily see that it has the shape a turtle, from which it has acquired its characteristic name.

Marathonisi with its deep blue beach with white sand at the front, daily hosts hundreds of tourists who visit it either by private boats or by larger cruise ships. On the left side of the island, between the rocks and the caves, nature has created unique small beaches, which you can only see in exotic movies, while in the back two large caves that are there seem to every visitor a unique place for diving, swimming, but also for photos, due to their extremely unique morphology.

On the island of the turtle, the spawning nests of caretta-caretta could not be missing, which according to the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, due to the temperature that develops on the spawning beach of the sea turtle and consequently in the depth of incubation almost exclusively male turtles are born, while on the other beaches of the bay females are born.

It may not be as famous as the “Shipwreck”, but it can certainly steal the heart of any visitor!