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Argostoli - The capital of Kefallonia

Argostoli is a city of Kefalonia and the capital of the Prefecture of Kefallinia. It is the capital and the center of activities of the island since 1757, when there was a significant movement of people from the old capital, Agios Georgios, in order to take advantage of the commercial potential of the gulf of the area. According to the 2011 census it had 9,748 inhabitants.

It is also the capital of the province of Kranea which includes the southern and southwestern part of the island. It is also the largest city on the island and is connected by ferry to Lixouri which is the second largest city. The bay of Argostoli that surrounds it is one of the safest ports in the world. The city also has a material-rich library, Korgialenio.

One of the main roads is the cobblestone road. A long marble sidewalk in which there are small shops on the right and left with various things. The cobblestone in the middle of the distance ends in the Bell Square, a square with a lot of free space and historically important because there burned the Libro d’Oro which was the book written by the richest families of the Ionian Islands. At the end of the cobblestones you will find the most central square of Argostoli, Vallianou square, which is paved with trees and imposing palm trees and is surrounded by many cafes and eateries. The square was named after Panagis Vallianos, whose statue can be found in the square. To reach Vallianou square, you must cross the Cobblestone. On the other side of it, Rizospaston Avenue starts, with the towering palm trees on its sidewalks and the well-known palm road that in turn ends in the enclosure, a small square full of trees and plants.

Argostoli also has a very long road next to the sea also known as the coastal. The beach is full of shops of various scholars and a cobbled street for a walk next to the sea. It is a very popular destination for ex and night with the sidewalk overflowing with people every hour of the day. It would also be important to mention the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli which is located at the beginning of the sidewalk for the main square and has important archaeological finds from every corner of the island, it is currently closed for public works but it is a very important part of the history of Argostoli. Opposite the archeological museum are the courts that are still active to this day. Outside the courts there is a small square with a few trees but very free space.